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  • How is TST5000 different?

TST5000 is buffed into the paint, heating it so it expands and locks into the paint. It stays flexible and will not come off nor does it need to be reapplied.  Ceramic coatings are applied to the top layer of paint. They are hard and will crack over time. They do need to be reapplied every 6 months to a year. Silicone sealants drift into the paint and need to be reapplied every 6 months to a year.

Yes. It is warranted for 5 years with no reapplication or inspections required.


  • Covered by most insurance companies to have product reapplied  should vehicle be in an accident.

  • How is TST5000 applied?

TST5000 is applied by using a high-speed orbital buffer. This creates heat that expands the PTFE molecule so they expand and lock into the paint.

  • How do you remove TST5000?

TST5000 can only be removed by wet sanding or buffing the vehicle with a compound.

  • How is TST3000 different from silicone and wax sealants?

TST 3000 is a pre-reacted silicone, giving you the lasting protection of a silicone sealant but will not drift into the paint causing issues with repainting, and will not drift off the paint quickly like traditional waxes.

  • Does TST3000 come with a warranty?

Yes. It is warranted for 5 years with reapplication every 6 months. The product for reapplications is included and can be reapplied by the customer or brought back to the dealer for reapplication.

  • How is TST3000 applied?

TST3000 can be applied by orbital buffer or by hand.

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