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You Asked, We Answered

  • Where is TST located?
    Total Systems Technology 65 Terence Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15236 800-245-4828
  • Can I buy cleaning products for my vehicle?
    Yes, visit our shop page for the products we sell online.
  • What is paint sealant?
    Car sealants are fully synthetic products that serve to protect the exterior and paint of a vehicle from the harsh effects of environmental elements like UV rays, excessive heat, and acid rain. They also provide a nice glossy finish to the car as well
  • How do I file a warranty claim?
    Click on the the link and fill out the form. Click the print icon for a copy of the information you are submitting. Then click the submit button to file your claim Online Warranty Form

Contact Us

Total Systems Technology 

65 Terence Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15236, USA

412-653-7690 | 800-245-4828

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