TST Rust Remedy Rust Inhibitor

TST Rust Remedy Rust Inhibitor


TST's Rust Remedy Rust Inhibitor is:

The most effective rust control product known for new vehicles.

It displaces moisture and remains uniform throughout the vehicles life.

Formulated by the same personnel that developed the cleaning and coating systems for NASA's Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions. The Lifetime Warranty is backed by an A+ 15 company which is the highest insurance rating available.

S.A.E. approved, picks up where factory coverage leaves off.

Don't be Fooled! New Vehicle Manufacturers' Corrosion Warranties are Limited!

Manufacturers' warranties cover ONLY defects in materials and workmanship, specifically excluding ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE*.

Items such as Road Salt, Dirt, Tree Sap, Industrial Pollution, Sea Salt, Dust control chemicals, etc. are NOT COVERED under most manufacturers' warranties. If you live in an area where any of these items are an issue, additional protection may be needed.

TST Rust Remedy picks up where the manufacturers' warranty leaves off. Environmental conditions like salt, dirt, mud and snow are no match for Rust Remedy's superior protection.

Rust Remedy is professionally sprayed into 18 key areas, covering more than 127 square feet of your vehicle. This permanent, no holes drilled coating has a lifetime transferable warranty" without requiring routine inspections. Rust Remedy meets and exceeds S.A.E. Standard JI 804, which provides you with coverage that will not void your limited factory coverage.

TST Rust Remedy truly is "Better than the Rust of the World"

*See your manufacturers' warranty for specifics.

Lifetime New Vehicle warranty, Used Vehicle warranties also available see warranty for details