TST 5000 with PTFE*

TST 5000 with PTFE*


The professionally applied paint sealant that locks micro-particles of UV screening PTFE* into the pores of the paint.  TST 5000 is the most effective protection available for the painted surface of your vehicle.  Only the TST 5000 system uses the unique process that offers genuine long-term paint protection.  TST 5000 with PTFE is warranted for up to seven (7) years with NO WAXING or reapplication. It’s your best defense against weather induced fading, loss of gloss and oxidation.  Compare the process, the warranty, the service, and the company and you'll choose TST, the leader in vehicle long-term protection.


Each vehicle is thoroughly cleaned-not just the surface, but through the paint and primer with TST Fallout Remover and Allways G.P.  Our cleaners bring soil and contamination (such as fallout and acid salts) to the surface, where they are washed away without disturbing the paint.  Proper and complete cleaning is essential for genuine long-term protection.  The TST 5000 system offers several unique levels of protection including 5000 particles of “PTFE” that are locked into the painted surface and, unlike other paint protection, cannot drift off or into the paint.  This process is professionally applied by TST factory trained technicians, and is available only at certified TST Dealers and Application Centers. 

TST 5000 with PTFE

TST 5000 with PTFE



Because TST 5000 with PTFE truly locks into the paint and does not drift off, simple cleaning is all that is required to maintain the paint protection.  Every TST 5000 application comes with a Customer Care Kit to help keep your new vehicle looking newer longer.  From simple car washing to removing road debris, bugs and light asphalt your Customer Care Kit has everything you’ll need.


While “long term” warranties are offered by others, only TST offers new car protection up to seven (7) years without inspections or reapplications, is backed by an A+15 insurance company and provides you with an exclusive 800 hot line service, direct to the factory.  TST 5000 is the only insured and certified vehicle paint protection that meets U.S. Department of Defense Salt Spray Test #202.

TST 5000- Because it Works!

*What is PTFE?

Polytetrafluoroethylene is better known by the trade name Teflon.  It is used to make non-stick cooking pans, and anything else that needs to be slippery or non-stick.  The original PTFE resin was invented by Dupont in 1938.


I had TST applied to our 1996 F350 and our Dodge 2003 8'bed 4x4 because the Ford had kept its new like paint condition.

Carr's on Water St. In Chillicothe, Ohio  applied both the vehicles.  I had to sell the F350 after my husband died in 2004.  Since then I take the Dodge in spring and after summer for a TST cleaner application .  This year I had the paint sealant reapplied to the since it's been 12 years, the truck is awesome looking just like it was when it was purchased. 

Carr's watches the truck to see if it needs the TST Cleaner application.   Carr's are wonderful, Bruce the owner and his assistant Rhonda have been wonderful.

I will keep telling everyone about TST.  People do notice how great it looks and I recommend Carr's to apply it and keep the maintenance up even though it comes with TST Cleaner, I trust Carr's to do the fantastic work with TST. 

The truck looks new and very Awesome.

~ Letta Rothrock, Londonderry, Ohio

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10 years old and I'm sold. What a great product


~ William McCarthy

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Took Dodge in for service at local Dodge dealer last week and was outside waiting my turn to get into bay when a gentleman came over to truck and asked how I liked my new truck. He had just ordered one similar to mine. He walked around checking it out when I told him it was a 2006 .He wouldn't believe me so I showed him build sheet. he was astonished how it held up and then I told him it had never been polished ,that's when he almost called me a liar. Told him what I had done he couldn't wait to get his new truck new and find a TST dealer.

Just wanted to thank you again for a great product

Don Nicks

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