TST's line of automobile care products
TST's Tough Screen™ Fabric Protector is professionally applied by your automobile dealer:

TST Tough Screen™ Fabric Protector
TST Tough Screen Fabric ProtectorTough Screen™ Fabric Protection.


Tough Screen™ shields fabrics from oil, grease, dirt and food stains.

Simple soap and water cleanup.

Liquids simply "bead up," and oil and grease can be wiped away with ease.

Dirt lifts off with a vacuum, leaving no residue behind.

Five year insured warranty on new vehicles, three year warranty on used.

Tough Screen not only keeps your interior looking terrific, but can actually increase the life of carpets and fabrics in high wear conditions.

Your new vehicle looks as beautiful inside as well as outside. Today's vehicles double as mobile offices, kitchen tables, delivery vehicles and team buses. How do you protect your beautiful interior from life's everyday accidental spills and stains? Simple, TST's Tough Screen™ Fabric Protector! Tough Screen is one of the most effective fabric protectors available for carpets, seats, doors, floor mats and trunks. It resists water based stains, but also oil, grease and food stains for up to five years on new vehicles*.

Tough Screen™ is professionally applied under pressure, penetrating deep into the weave of the fabric.

Tough Screen™
is virtually undetectable after drying, does not change the feel of the fabric and can increase life of the fabric. Simple soap and water cleanup is all that's necessary.

Protecting your vehicles beautiful interior has never been easier. Tough Screen will keep your interior looking newer longer and add value to your new vehicle.


*see warranty for specific details.