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TST Silent Rider Undercoat is professionally applied by your automobile dealer:

TST Silent Rider Undercoat
TST Silent Rider Undercoat

Today, vehicle manufacturers recommend that you flush the underbody of your vehicle once, twice, some as many as four times per year. (see underbody maintenance, in your owner's manual). WHY? Chemicals and corrosive materials used for ice and snow removal, dust control and industrial pollution can collect on the underbody of your vehicle. If not removed, these materials may accelerate corrosion or rusting of underbody components such as frame, floor pan etc. You must do a thorough job; just dampening (i.e. going thru a car wash, hosing the vehicle off ) the accumulated material rather than washing it away will accelerate corrosion rather than prevent it.

Some manufacturers even recommend undercoating materials that will help protect your vehicle from corrosion. Metal requires two things to corrode, water and oxygen. When an object strikes the underbody and chips away the painted surface, the bare metal is exposed to both. Add in corrosive chemicals, such as salt and the corrosion (rust) is accelerated. TST Silent Rider puts a protective barrier between the exposed underbody and the outside elements. This protective barrier eliminates the need for underbody flushing, provides for a quieter ride and improves the overall appearance of your vehicle. Combined with a lifetime, no inspection, new car warranty, make this a valuable option on any vehicle.

Give your new vehicles underbody the protection it deserves with TST SILENT RIDER UNDERCOATING.