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TST's Leather Treatment is professionally applied by your automobile dealer:

TST Leather Treatment
TST's Fine Leather Treatment

Fine leather is soft and luxurious, making it an ideal choice for vehicles. With the right care, leather improves with age providing many years of enjoyable use. Properly maintained leather has an excellent life expectancy, as high as four to one over fabric. Unfortunately accidents can and do happen. What can you do to protect your beautiful leather against:

          • Premature Fading

          • Permanent Staining

          • Cracking

          • Ultra Violet Rays

          • Drinks and Spills

Leather Treatment by TST puts a protective coating on your beautiful leather seats protecting them from Sun and Spills.

In addition Leather Treatment by TST also has Accidental Damage coverage* that provides repairs on your leather seats from:

  • Cigarette burns

  • Rips and Tears

  • Keyhole Punctures

  • Ballpoint Pen Ink

  • Lipstick

Accidental damage can leave you vehicles interior looking old and worn before it's time, while greatly reducing the value at trade in-time. TST can help you keep your leather looking newer longer and protect your resale value.

*Accidental damage does not include pet damage or abrasion. See actual warranty for specifics.